Traeger Grills & Accessories Q&A

Join us for an Ace exclusive event. We will be broadcasting live from Traeger Headquarters on Thursday, May 12, 2016 from 9 am – 10 am PST.

Get information about Traeger’s new 2016 products, including the Pro Series 22 and the Bronson 20 grills.

Traeger Sales Managers, Rory Taylor and John O’Connor will discuss how to sell Traeger to your customers, selling techniques for the new grills, and key points that have led to success at Ace locations across the country. 

We will cover the various Traeger models and the benefits of cooking with wood pellets vs. gas or charcoal. Questions may be asked throughout the session. With Traeger being advertised this month in our preprints, now is a great time to learn about wood pellet cooking and this exploding category.
Download a Territory & Account Manager Map here! Download Our Pellet Guide Here!

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